This is an overview of all upcoming SMW events including a selection of cooperative events with the D-MATL. Detailed information regarding each event will be sent to all students by email.

for a short description of the events scroll to the right.

Datum Event Ort Beschreibung
26.02.2020 Pubquizstamm HXE Freshly started into the new semester the grey brain cells should be reactivated, this works best at the legendary PubQuiz Stamm of the SMW and the Alumni.
04.03.2020 GV HXE

The General Assembly of the SMW, as usual, takes place at the beginning of the semester. Traditionally, asside of the possibility to actively contribute ideas and suggestions, it is accompanied by free beer and pizza

09.03.2020 Excursion at ABB   This year we are allowed to visit ABB again!
19.03.2020 MaP InSight



Don’t miss the chance to get to know ETH Materials Alumni who will speak about their careers and companies.

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25.03.2020 BeerPong Stamm HXE As the name says, there’s beer and pingpong
27.03.2020 Exzess im Labor CAB In dark lab-atmosphere, you can decorate your labcoat and try out different ‘chemicals’ at the bar. So come on down and don’t forget your labcoat!
29.04.2020 Karaokestamm HXE Ohhh la laaaaaaa
27.05.2020 Avantama Stamm HXE

A wonderful BBQ night thanks to Avantama’s sponsoring

      More events are coming soon