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Document Collection

The new SMW document collection now accessible on  Log in with acronym and nethz-password (e-mail login).
If any questions, problems or ideas arrise, feel free to contact the IT responsible.

Help us to expand the collection! You’re welcome to send the ​IT responsible new documents if available. Please ​indicate: type and name of the document/course, semester and perhaps lecturer (e.g. Prüfung Analysis 1+2_FS20​). ​If the link of the ​​​course catalogue is attached, that’d be great. 👏

Problem solving

  • After entering user credentials wrong and reentering, it can happen that the website does not authorize you or load, even if the credentials are then correct. This can be solved by reloading the page, after which it should display just fine.
  • There seems to be a problem with some people trying to access the document collection with the Browser Edge. If so, try the following steps:
    Edge auto-fills a username that is not your actual acronym, which is why the authentication can fail (although it seems to work for some). In the authentication window (like above), go to More Choices and click on use different Account. There, you can fill in your eth-acronym (not the full email) and your nethz-password.
    If this does not solve your issue, try accessing the document collection with a different browser or contact the IT responsible from the board.